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Hope For Rural Roads In Zimbabwe As Liquid Acrylic Co-polymer to be used for road construction.

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Nick Mangwana who is the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services permanent Secretary has announced that Zimbabwe is embarking on an acrylic road sealing in Chiredzi.

In a tweet Mangwana said
. “Bundu Roads is working on 20 km pilot on improving rural gravel road. They are using liquid acrylic co-polymer which allows ecapsulation of soil particles and expulsion of moisture. They say it is 1/3 cheaper than costs of tarred roads,”

He said sealing with acrylic is way cheaper and a simpler process than gravel roads which are first compacted then sealed and also require the construction of standard asphalt concrete.

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Statics from Zimfact state that 78200km of Zimbabwe's 98000km road network is unsurfaced gravel and earth roads which translates to 80% of the network.

This cheap way of traditional tarring solutions would be of help in transforming Zimbabwe's rural areas in a few years.

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