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MSU Seals A Deal With ZUPCO

Midlands State University has sealed a deal with ZUPCO to have a bus that plies the Senga route for students only.

Students are expected to produce their school identity card to access the service meant to help students against high transport fares as commuter omnibuses are said to be charging RTGS $3 to 4.

MSU Students Representative Council President Gift Sibanda said this new arrangement has been put in place to address the plight of students.

“We are hoping to tackle all the problems being faced by students despite the current economic crisis in the country because when we were campaigning we promised to stand with students”, he said

Sibanda said students complained that their gadgets were being stolen in commuter omnibuses and the new arrangement will minimize such incidents.

The SRC body has managed to advocate for the installation of solar lights at the Senga Training Centre.

“We have installed solar lights at Senga Training Centre as it had become a hot spot for thieves and students were complaining about the darkness resulting in some students being robbed there” Said Sibanda.

Students are being invited to a mental health awareness campaign on October 9 to educate them on suicides and drug cases which are increasing in universities.


Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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