Zol Zimbabwe Increases Tarrifs again

ZOL has become the latest telecoms company to increase their internet tariffs, joining a host of mobile network operators who have been increasing their prices frequently over the last few months including Netone and Econet. Lately, Telone increased its prices and it seems like it has become a trend in the industry.

These new tariffs are said to become effective on 09/19/2019 as they explained in a text message sent to their subscribers on 12 September 2019.

In the announcement on their website, Zol said that they hoped their clients would understand the need for them to implement these price adjustments. This could mean that they are responding to the runaway interbank rate between the USD and the $RTGS (ZWL).


See the notice below:

zol increases tariffs for Wibroniks Again

This Zol tariff increase comes hot on the heels of the latest price increase in the prices of goods.

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