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Mhofela and Madam Boss Drama

Fans blast Mhofela for gloating over wife protecting him

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Social media users have condemned popular comedienne Madam Boss’ husband, Ngoni Munetsiwa for gloating over his wife’s maintained secrecy over a storm in their bedroom.

During an interview on Star FM last night, Madam Boss stuck to her guns by refusing to comment on an adultery scandal her husband was recently involved in. Munetsiwa reportedly impregnated his mistress, Evangelista Zhou, in a development that sent shockwaves across social media platforms.

Despite consistency from Star FM radio presenter, DJ Ollah 7 in quizzing the comedienne about the issue, Madam Boss managed the pressure by emphasising that she would never discuss her bedroom matters in public, something her husband gloated about in a Facebook post he shared soon after the interview.

But social media users found the post to be insensible and disrespectful to his wife who had just shown high-level regard she has for him.

Anesu Nyabowa Mpate

She respect you asi iwe you embarrassed her in public. Kashiri hakarege tichakubata plus MB haachengete tunyaya tisina basa anokanganwa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dee Miss’d

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Mhofu kutoshamisira imi muchihurira mkadzi. Respect and love your wife.

Tamia Cyn Shushah

Ehe hazvitaurwe hazvo asi pakasanamatwa mumwe achaonekwa akangodonha ne bp… Evil man

Ryan Surrounded

Ita dzungu achafumura hake nguva yakakwana takabva neko kuma sowe uku

Faith Nyika

He was not suppose to brag like this after arwadzisa mumwe wake…. Kunyarara kukange nani anoti iye mkdz wake anofeeler sei nxaaaaa

Meanwhile, her rival, Mai Titi was also on the platform a day before this interview and she revealed that her US-based estranged husband, Tinashe Maphosa is a holder of a theology certificate.

“I never saw the scam coming because I believed he is a genuine man, he would often give me US$1500.00 then later tell me that his bank accounts had been frozen, which made it easy to believe. To add to that, he is a pastor, he has a certificate.”


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