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Social Media Users Compare Pokello And MisRed

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Social media users have been comparing two of the most popular and influential female socialites in Zimbabwe Pokello Nare and MisRed.

Some of the social media audiences were preferring one over the other in terms of beauty which they defined in their own way.

It has emerged on one of the social media platforms that Pokello Nare and MisRed have their different followers due to their style, beauty, and charisma that has divided the opinions of people who follow them.  Those who favored MisRed argued that she is more beautiful than Pokello and the latter is only smart, stylish and has resources when it comes to fashion.

Those who were supporting Pokello said she is beautiful and a total package in everything. The debate showed how the two women are making progress in terms of being outstanding because of their fashion sense and beauty.


However, H-Metro reached MisRed for a comment on what she thinks about people who compare popular figures on their looks and style.

MisRed said people should cherish and celebrate the differences that we have as human beings rather than trying to be divisive. “To be honest people should stop comparing people against one another and rather embrace how much they have done in any way

“Comparisons build up a lot of unnecessary energy and it creates the wrong image, which is something we don’t need in any way. “Whoever it may be, I would say please let’s just embrace the goodness that each and every one of us has, it’s something that as a people we should learn,” she said.

“I believe people were created in their own way and that means the only person who we should strive to better is the person I am constantly staring at in the mirror.


“Pokello is an amazing lady and she is doing so much and instead of maybe applauding what she is doing people then get stuck on owww, is she better than person A or person C is better than D and at the end of the day it sends out the wrong message,” she added.

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