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Top 10 Fast Selling Items in Zimbabwe

Rated according to demand and profitability

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Here are some of the top 10 fast selling items in Zimbabwe this summer season. Some of them do not require much startup capital.

1. Detergents and toiletries

Different types of soap with natural ingredients are very popular in Zimbabwe. You can also make some money if you. Some are making their own detergents in their backyards and they are selling because every household needs them.

Personal items like shampoos, conditioners, lotions, deodorants and perfumes are very much in demand in this hot weather.

2. Kids toys and games

Kids need toys to play with especially when out of school. And kids being kids, they don't look for sophistication, instead they just want something that allows them to play with others. Toy cars, building blocks, dolls and board games do the trick.

3. Clothing And Shoes

Whilst women enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes, men do it out of necessity. Both need these fashion items and with the festive season upon us, weddings, roora days, graduation parties and Christmas functions require new apparels. Shoes like crocs, sneakers, trainers are also in demand. Most of these are sourced on the cheap from China.

Items to sell range from Ankara pattern clothes to beautiful lace fabrics. You can start a business selling clothes or fabric to designers and retailers.

4. Cosmetics

Cosmetic products are among the top 10 fast selling items in Zimbabwe. The cosmetics range from reputable brands like Mary Kay, Elf, Black Opal, and women, will line up to buy it from you. This business is worth considering because cosmetics and grooming products will always sell fast in Zimbabwe as long as women exist.

5. Hair Extensions

Zimbabwe women love to experiment with their hair. It can be short and straight, long and curly, or made up in cute braids. But the latest trend in the hair industry is hair extensions. Most Zimbabwean women want to have it.

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Zimbabwean ladies are willing to spend a lot of money on them because they make them stand out. If you consider that most female school students rely on hair extensions and braids for hairstyles then you will appreciate why they are among the top 10 fast selling items in Zimbabwe.

6. Power Banks

Zimbabwe endures load-shedding for long periods. If your phone is out of battery and dies, you need this little helper for emergencies to keep the phone on. It is perfect for use at work, school, on the road, and anywhere if your battery is dead. They come in different capacities and very often have portable, convenient sizes. To do this business, you do not need to produce power banks; ordering from Aliexpress or Alibaba can be a solution. After you receive them, resell them.

7. Gas For Cooking

Gas has become so popular for cooking since it also saves on electricity bills and is of much help when one considers the bad situation with the electricity supply in the country. Gas is a cheaper and faster way to cook meals, hence the high demand. Cooking gas has plenty of advantages, such as producing no smoke, keeping utensils clean after cooking meals, and it does not pollute the environment.

8. Food

Selling food and making food is a very profitable business. The food can be raw, cooked, or processed. You can open your little café or be a chef in the street food business. The food business may vary from fried corn and fried meat sold on the streets to the luxurious and marvelous cuisine of Zimbabwe. Meat items are always in demand.

9. Water

The water situation in most suburbs is critical that residents now buy water. Some sell in smaller containers while others now sell in bulk containers. Whatever the case, demand for water especially in Harare will always be high. You can survive without food or sweets, but there is no way you can live without water. We need it clean and available all the time. Water is one of the most consumed products in Zimbabwe.

10. Beverages

There is a wide range of beverages which are mainly needed as refreshments. Freezits and the new frenzy, kambucha stand out. This also extends to concentrated drinks which are ideal for home and school use. Water, the most basic, moves big time. It is commonplace to find street vendors out of bottled water due to limited capacity.

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These are some of the top 10 fast selling items in Zimbabwe on the market right now where demand is guaranteed. One just needs to come up with a strategic marketing plan and start the business.


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