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Infidelity: Man Sets Relative On Fire

Emmanuel burnt Edward whom he accused of bedding his wife

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A NYANGA man last week on Friday did the unthinkable and locked his neighbour in a grass thatched hut before setting it on fire in a gruesome murder case that has left the community shell shocked.

Emmanuel Chisoma (46) of Chisoma Village under Chief Saunyama’s area burnt his neighbour and relative, Edward Tasosa Chisoma to death as he accused him of having an affair with his wife. They also had disputes over land.

Emmanuel who was not represented when he appeared before Nyanga magistrate, Ms Notebulgar Muchineripi early this week was not asked to plead to the murder charge. Ms Muchineripi advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.

Prosecutor, Mrs Elinah Gadzai said prior to committing the offence, Emmanuel would threaten Edward that he would burn him in his hut.

“On November 18 at Chisoma Village in Nyamaropa, Emmanuel tied Edward’s door of the grass thatched hut where Edward was sleeping and set the hut on fire. As the inferno blazed, Edward shouted for help, but could not get any assistance until he was burnt to death.”

“Emmanuel was seen running away from the scene after committing the offence. The wire which was used to secure the door was recovered near Emmanuel’s homestead. The recovered wire was burnt, indicating that it was removed after the hut was razed down.

“Emmanuel used to threaten to burn Edward in his hut over a longstanding land dispute as well as his alleged affair with the former’s wife,” said Mrs Gadzai.

Meanwhile, police in Nyazura have launched full scale investigations to establish circumstances leading to the death of an 80-year-old woman who was burnt to death when her hut caught fire on Sunday. Gogo Emily Bvindi of Meyerton Farm in Nyazura died in the inferno.

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Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Nobert Muzondo confirmed the incident and said they are suspecting foul play.

“The now late Gogo Bvindi was spotted by her neighbour, Miss Ashely Nyamatsanza seated outside her homestead alone on November 19. On September 20, Mr Innocent Tapfuma of the same farm discovered that Gogo Bvindi’s pole and dagga hut had been reduced to rubbles and informed his father. His father went to the place and discovered Gogo Bvindi’s body on the floor.

“A police report was made and detectives attended the scene. Foul play is suspected and investigations are underway,” said Inspector Muzondo.

And in yet another incident that happened at the same farm, a 76-year-old man fell into a disused well and died while trying to dispose a jackal he had killed. John Peter Mugara died after plunging into the well.

Inspector Muzondo confirmed the incident and said efforts to rescue Mugara failed.

“On November 19 at Plot 60, Meyerton Farm, Mugara killed a jackal that was attacking his chickens. He took it to a disused well at the homestead. However, as Mugara threw the jackal inside the well, its walls gave in.

“He plunged headlong into the 29-metre deep well. His wife, Bridget Musuwo (63) heard him screaming for help and rushed to inform their son, Mathew Magura (43). Unfortunately, when Mathew arrived his father had already died. He retrieved the body and later informed the police. No foul play is suspected,” said Inspector Muzondo.


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