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Gutu Becoming A Hotspot for Political Violence

ZRP mum as teachers are threatened, 38 families displaced

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Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) said they are not perturbed by alleged Zanu PF thugs who are unleashing terror and violence on citizens in Gutu.

CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said while the party (CCC) condemns the acts of violence in Masvingo’s Gutu district, the party will remain focused on their goal to win 2023 elections.

“No amount of panic and lawlessness by Zanu PF will get in the way of political change whose time has come. We condemn the escalation of political violence in Gutu that is being perpetrated by Zanu PF.”

“We remain focused on our task of registering citizens to vote in their millions so we win big in 2023. We have assembled peace and security teams to protect our members. Gutu and neighbouring communities remain defiant and are ready to do whatever it takes to win Zimbabwe for change,” said Mahere.

The statement CCC follows reports surfacing in Gutu that Zanu PF has unleashed a reign of terror in Gutu targeting people perceived to be CCC party supporters.

Reports say teachers at Machingambi Secondary School were on November 22, 2022 allegedly subjected to victimization at the hands of Zanu PF’s Gutu District Coordinating Committee (DCC) vice chairperson identified as Musara after participating in a data collection exercise on behalf of Australia-based academic Professor Felix Mavhondo.

The source said Musara allegedly accused teachers at the school of working for opposition political parties after establishing that Prof Mavhondo had tasked them to collect data on his project in form of questionnaires.

The head of the school identified as Innocent Muchingani was also reported to have been summoned to Gutu district education offices on November 23 and details of the reason why he was summoned are yet to be established.

“What happened is that teachers at Machingambi Secondary participated in data collection in form of questionnaires on behalf of an Australian-based Professor (Mavhondo) and thus were labelled as opposition political party supporters.”

“The accusation is despite the fact that the participation of the teachers was authorized and above board. Right now as we speak the school head has been summoned (November 23) to the district education offices over the issue. The vice DCC came to the school and detained teachers for a very long period of time over the matter accusing them of sympathizing with opposition political parties.”

CCC Masvingo acting provincial chairperson Misheck Marava confirmed receiving reports of violence against party followers. He added that violence against CCC supporters had spread beyond Gutu in Masvingo confirming some unofficial reports that the violence net is wide spread.

“As a party, we don’t condone violence and strongly condemn it. We believe in peaceful elections where candidates from all recognized political parties participate on equal basis. Our wish would be the presentation of a level playing field where politicians participate in elections on an equal basis so that winners reflect the will of the people and not vice versa.”

The Zimbabwe Republic Police in Gutu has not taken any action despite overwhelming evidence.

On September 24, 2022 Gutu ward 33 councillor Bernard Chimwango was physically assaulted and the matter was reported but no action was taken. On November 3, there were reports of truckloads of Zanu PF youths driving around the growth point while uttering threats and again police took no action.

The trucks proceeded to Chisheshe village where the youth did a toy toy around a business premises of one Raphel Mudoro a CCC-linked businessperson.

Cases of political violence have been a common feature in Zimbabwe especially during elections leading to some outsiders discrediting the polls as not free and unfair.

During the run up to March 26 by-elections CCC supporters were attacked at a rally in Kwekwe leading to the death of Mboneni Ncube who was stabbed with a spear while the Gokwe-Kabuyuni by-elections held on August 27 saw CCC leader’s convoy was allegedly attacked by senior Zanu PF officials with Local government minister July Moyo allegedly involved.

The Kwekwe incident followed declaration by vice president Contantino Chiwenga that Zanu PF would crash CCC like lice. Political analysts have warned the nation to brace for a likely bloody 2023.


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