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Rituals in Johanne Marange Succession Battle

Son says rivals performing rituals at his late father's grave

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AS the fight for the control of the Johanne Marange Apostolic sect escalates, the eldest son of the late founder has claimed that rituals were being carried on his father’s grave.

Divisions in the sect started early this year following the death of Noah Taguta who had succeeded the late founder, Johanne Muchabaya Momberume.

Taguta was the son of Arnold Momberume, who was an elder brother to Johanne Muchabaya Momberume the founder of the sect.

Yesterday, the late founder’s eldest surviving son, Clements said that a photo of his late father and a bottle of water was placed on his father’s grave. The fence around the grave had also been removed, he said.

“There were rituals on my father’s grave. The fence was uprooted and we found a bottle of water placed on top of a photo with my father’s face, l know this is being done to control the church. This is not the first time l have witnessed the rituals,” said Clements.

“l have survived many ritual attempts on my life by some family members who l cannot name at the moment but l am strong and ready to represent the family’s values. My lawyer Passmore Nyakureba can shed more light and is the one l have been confiding in on such matters.”

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Clements was not in good books with the late Taguta and challenged his burial at the Chinyamukumba mountain range in court.

The High Court granted him an interim order barring the burial of Taguta at the sacred shrine in Mafararikwa village. The late leader was, however, buried on the same day Clements received the judgment.

Family members are fighting for control one of the country’s largest and influential apostolic sects. The security fence at the late founder’s grave was allegedly uprooted by some of the family members and dumped at Clements’ homestead in Marange.

“We have filed a police report at Marange Police Station after the perimeter security fence at the late founder was uprooted and we noticed some tampering with his grave,” Nyakureba said.

Clements reportedly unveiled the tombstone of his late father and erected a perimeter fence around the premises where his late uncle, Abel is also buried.

Other family members, however, were reportedly against the erection of the perimeter fence since they wanted uninterrupted access to the grave.


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