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Litigious Mliswa Files Cyber Bullying Case

"People like Mukazhi, Mudekunye, Magumbo etc are merely criminals" - Themba Mliswa

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Litigious Mliswa has filed a cyber bullying case against a Zanu-PF official. The Norton Member of Parliament opened a case against Kudzai Mudekunye accusing him of tarnishing his name and urging people not to vote for him.

In a statement, the controversial MP wrote;

“I have opened another case against a Zanu-PF member who branded me a terrorist and sellout on social media urging people to be against me. On the ground this thuggish mentality translates into violence and that has to end”.

He continued:

“These individuals have no political value and actually besmirch the good works which the President may do. They are merely thugs who are just muscle to the party and have no ideas or value. I have never seen them mobilizing people to register to vote or anything positive.

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These are politicians who subsist on gossip and conspiracies. People like Mukazhi, Mudekunye, Magumbo etc are merely criminals. The law must take its course. It’s unfortunate that other cases involving Mukupe are yet to be dealt with as Law and Order are just silent

I won’t relent until justice is done. I can tell you that in Mash West areas such as Norton, Zanu-PF has lost support because of these type of characters. They use the party name to take over mines, they steal, they are violent and are abusive. People don’t need that.

I saw Mugabe losing support slowly because of this type of behaviour. It got to a point where he could no longer control these type of thugs. Currently there is no Youth League to talk about as all their focus is on gossip and violence.”


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