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Some Leading Supermarkets Selling Rotten Meat

Consumer Council urges consumers to check the quality of meat products and the hygiene of its storage before purchasing them.

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The Bulawayo City Council’s Health Services Department launched a thorough inspection and operation, code-named Inyama Ivela Ngaphi, to address the sale of unwholesome meat by retailers to the public.

The department’s efforts led to the confiscation and disposal of meat deemed unfit for human consumption at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The operation, spearheaded by the Department of Veterinary Services, was an all-encompassing approach that involved the inspection of butcheries for hygiene and advising on areas of improvement. Where unwholesome meat was found, it was immediately condemned and disposed of at the SPCA

The inspection reports revealed that following outlets were selling meat unfit for human consumption:

  • Pick and Pay (Southwold),
  • a residential house in Matsheumhlophe,
  • Choppies Bellevue,
  • Fazak Woodlands,
  • Broadway Spar,
  • God’s Will,
  • TZ Butchery, and
  • Cover Butchery.

The following were also found to have questionable standards of hygiene:

  • TM Supermarket (J Moyo),
  • Meat Hub butchery,
  • Choppies Bellevue, and
  • No 4 Gwanda Road.

In addition to the retailers, two food factories, Ginge’s Takeaways and Daeco Meat Wholesalers, and Montana Meats Butchery in the Belmont area were also swabbed during the same month. Grades B and D were given to Ginge’s Takeaways and Daeco Meat Wholesalers, respectively, indicating unsatisfactory standards of hygiene.

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A total of 583 premises were inspected during the month of January 2023, compared to the previous month, where 397 premises were inspected, with the highest being trading premises.

During the inspections, unsatisfactory conditions were identified and contained. Some of these included the sale of 86kg of meat deemed to be unfit for human consumption, pursuant to the Food Standards Control Act and SI 50 of 1995.

The council issued intimations, deposit fines, and notices for failing to comply with Public Health legislation to offenders who numbered 59, 26, and 10, respectively. 24 public health complaints were also raised and followed up on during the month.

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) regional manager for Bulawayo, Comfort Muchekeza, expressed his concerns as a watchdog about the issue of retailers selling meat that is not of good quality to the public. He commended the council for their efforts and called on them to intensify hygiene inspections and health education to prevent food-related illness.

Muchekeza urged consumers to check the quality of meat products and the hygiene of its storage before purchasing them. He also advised consumers to report outlets with questionable standards to the council so that appropriate action can be taken. With the council’s continued efforts, the residents of Bulawayo can rest easy, knowing that their health and wellbeing is a top priority.


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