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Citizens Allocated Residential Stands on top of Sewage Tanks

Residents say a strong stench has enveloped their homes as raw sewage continuously flows into their yards.

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THE allocation of residential stands, on top of sewage tanks in Budiriro 4 by land barons, is causing raw sewage to continuously flow into some residents’ homes.

This has been happening since November last year.


The sewage crisis has prompted residents to appeal to the Harare City Council to intervene and empty the septic tanks.

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Budiriro 4 residents said they were willing to cooperate with the Council to find a permanent solution and prevent a potential cholera outbreak in the area. Concerns have been raised about children playing in the raw sewage, which poses a health hazard.

One of the affected residents, Eunice Muzondo, said a strong stench has enveloped her house as raw sewage continuously flows into her yard. Muzondo said:

“One day, my grandchild was found playing in the sewage, and we are concerned that if the problem is not fixed, there will be a serious waterborne disease outbreak.

Another affected resident, Svinurai Dube, said she had made it a daily routine to wake up early and clear the road of sewage so that people could pass.

She said the sewage crisis has also had an impact on their vending businesses. The strong smell and green flies were pushing customers away from their market stalls.


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