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Furore After Swae Lee Claims Nigerians Started Amapiano

SweaLee later deleted the tweet and posted a video trying to explain the tweet

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There is a raging furore in South Africa after Nigerian musician SwaeLee posted a tweet which insinuated that amapiano music was started by Nigerians.

Nigeria star Swae Lee caught in Amapiano controversy

Angry South Africans took to Twitter calling out SwaeLee for the tweet.

South African social media influencer (@AdvoBarryRoux) said:

Nigerians Are Claiming That They Started Amapiano, Nigerians are always involved in some kind of fraud. They started by stilling afrobeats from Cameron claiming being founder of it. Now they wanna steal AmaPiano. Amapiano Is A South African Identity, It’s a Culture & Our Pride.

Another influencer (@ChrisExcel102) added:

Nigerians are taking over amapiano while South Africans are busy robbing each other royalties and fighting on Twitter spaces 😭😭😭

A Nigerian user responded that Nigerian music was big so they are accused of bullying other nations. (@_AsiwajuLerry) said:

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We hijack afrobeats from Ghanaians, now we dun hijack amapiano from South Africans. African Giant doings 😂😂

User (@_ShaunKeyz) added:

I hate how Nigerian people have copied Amapiano to a point where international artists think it was created in Nigeria.

South African musician (@LordVizo_) said amapiano Is a culture not just a sound. He said:

Amapiano is not merely a sound. It’s a culture. Sure you can try steal the sound but the culture (dance moves, vibes/energy, creativity…etc) cannot be stolen. Besides, you can easily hear when a piano song is not made by a South African, it sounds very meh.

Bonisile (@Bonisile_RMS) said that misinformation becomes history if it goes uncorrected. He said:

Misinformation becomes history if not corrected. To this day you have people thinking a certain baPedi king died from a sweet potato. AmaPiano is our export and anyone who says differently must be corrected so that 20 years from now we don’t witness our impact being excluded.



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