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ZCC Faces Split Over Nudes Involving Bishop & Nephew’s Wife

"Another key challenge is that we didn’t have a signed constitution, that’s why he is manipulating the system" - Church elder.

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ZCC church could split after its bishop allegedly sent nude pictures and proposed love to his nephew’s wife.

Bishop Lyphet Matenda Mugaviri of the Zion Christian Church Kumuka Kwavakafa Nhaudzashe asked for love from Olinda Mashavave, the wife of Lesly Mugaviri, who is his elder brother’s son.

The shameless men of cloth lusted over his brother’s daughter-in-law and sent her pictures of his shaft. He wanted Olinda to be his fourth lover, as he already has three wives.

Olinda and her husband Lesly would have none of this and they leaked the chats and Bishop Mugaviri’s intimate pictures throughout the church’s WhatsApp groups.

Jonathan Chauke, one of the elders of the church, confirmed the incident. He revealed that the church is divided as the some want the Bishop to stay while others want him packing. He said:

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I am fourth from the bishop and l acknowledge that this matter has created factions.

We spoke with the bishop after this incident and we advised him to step down. However, within the committee, others insisted that we should forgive him.

He should repent and avoid causing confusion. Some sections are disappointed over the way the man of cloth behaved and we need to take proper action.

Another key challenge is that we didn’t have a signed constitution, that’s why he is manipulating the system.

Bishop Mugaviri, deflected all questions to his church advisor Kufakunesu Mubhoyi.

Mubhoyi replied:

The church may split because the royal family is fighting for power and the desire to control the church.

As the church, we advised them to resolve this issue as a family without affecting the church’s activities.

This issue started as a family issue and the family should continue to resolve its problems.

Another critical issue is that the aggrieved muroora should personally come forward with the matter, we cannot just rely on downloaded chats and we are not even seeing her face.

An audio also leaked, in which Bishop Mugaviri admitted to proposing love to his son’s wife and sending her nudes. He said his grandson was resolving the issue.

What we discussed as a family pane charambika here? I will go back to Matonzi, maybe by August, ndinenge ndagadzirisa.

I said sorry and sorry wani. By August ndinenge ndagadzirisa ndakupedzera.

Lesly was incensed by this in the chat and was fiery:

You talked about our issue with minister in charge Mahachi and you were already cleansed in my absence.

Do not test me, handina kukumukirai ndimi makanyenga my wife.

Keep on praying for people, but do not attempt to give people holy communion while I am still alive.


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