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Yesteryear Musician Taso Evicted From Residential Stand

Taso was informed that the stand had been sold despite him paying for it.

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Yesteryear musician Taso Evicted from residential stand

Shepherd ‘Taso’ Kunodziya is battling in court for a residential stand he purchased in 1999, which was subsequently repossessed from him.

In his affidavits, Taso outlines that his family has been denied “decent accommodation” and that his marriage has also been “ruined” as a result of his eviction.

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In 2014, Taso was informed that the stand had been sold despite him paying for it.

My family has been prejudiced of their right to decent accommodation.

My marriage was ruined and my appeal is based on me to get justice.

He said he acquired immovable property from Gabroc Enterprises, known as Stand 117 of Shortston of Derbyshire Estate, measuring 1500 square metres in 1999.

I subsequently moved onto the property and made some developments to make it habitable.

I did all this while I was waiting for the processing of my title deeds for the property.

I aver that no title deeds were forthcoming in the circumstances despite many promises from the first respondent to that effect.

I aver that challenges developed with first respondent (Gabroc Enterprises) when I learnt that the said property had been sold to a third party.

I aver that in a bid to protect my interests, then approached the first respondent to get a heads up as to my status as the owner, but could not find any joy.

I affirm that the matter was subsequently made clear to myself that my property had been sold and I was now facing imminent ejection in the circumstances.

This was despite the fact that I had been in occupation of the property for over 10 years and had even built a cottage thereat.

The new buyer effected eviction proceedings and I was subsequently thrown out of the said property.

The first respondent then transferred the property from Gabroc to Derbroll Investments.

I had fully paid for the property years back and there was no need to sell the property again as what the respondents did in the circumstances.


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