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Temba Mliswa Concedes Defeat to Richard Tsvangirai

Mliswa who was the only independent MP in the last parliament lost to Morgan Tsvangirai's son Richard.

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Temba Mliswa Concedes Defeat to Tsvangirai Richard

Outspoken former Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has graciously accepted defeat to Richard Tsvangirai who stood as candidate for the Chamisa-led CCC.

In 2018, Temba Mliswa pulled a shocker when standing as an independent candidate, he managed to defeat both MDC Alliance and Zanu-PF candidates.

The seat has largely been an opposition seat where Zanu-PF official Christopher Mutsvangwa lost to the MDC candidate in 2008 and the pattern has continued until Temba Mliswa happened in 2018.

This was no mean feat as few independent candidates have successfully run for public office be it local, legislative or presidential.

Zimbabwe's political landscape is largely bi-polar with Zanu-PF standing on side and the opposition (MDC and now CCC) on the other side of the spectrum.

The political polarisation has left little room for moderates or neutrals with both sides labelling such people as sellouts.

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However, Temba Mliswa himself has not made it easy for any of the parties to trust him as he sometimes identified with Zanu-PF and claimed that he was closely related to the incumbent ED Mnangagwa.

Temba Mliswa Concedes Defeat to Tsvangirai Richard

At times, Mliswa would stand with the opposition in parliament and highlight critical issues which left the ruling party with bitter taste.

In some cases, Bhuru would allegedly leak secretly recorded audio conversations that he had with some government and Zanu-PF party officials.

Temba Mliswa had a huge mark on his back after his fling with one female character Susan Mutami – now based in Australia – and fathered a baby with her.

The baby mama drama that followed was explosive and cast spotlight on his personal life highlighting his flaws and this could have contributed towards his heavy loss at the ballot.


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