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Lily Java in Embarrassing Prophetic Blip

"I saw this woman before me, and I saw her fall out in a seizure" - Lily Java

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Lily Java in Embarrassing Prophetic Blip

Controversial socialite Prophet Passion Java’s wife, Lily Java, got Zimbos talking after she gave a false prophecy recently.

Like her husband, Lily Java is also a “prophet” in her own right and sometimes conducts church services at their ministry, Kingdom Embassy Church.

Greg Locke Claims Passion Java Practising Witchcraft

She also holds it afloat when her globetrotting husband is not in the United States, where they are based.

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Lily Java in Embarrassing Prophetic Blip

Recently, Lily Java started giving a word of prophecy to a woman over the phone, live on TV. She then insinuated that the lady’s mother was ill and on the verge of dying.

I saw this woman before me, and I saw her fall out in a seizure. I saw her falling in front of you, and I saw her foaming out and saw the spirit of death coming to take her away.

But the Lord say if we pray and cancel it today, your mother shall live and testify the goodness of the Lord.

As she said this, the congregation cheered. As they got silent, Lily Java asked the lady on the phone, Sarah, how her mother’s health was. Sarah responds:

My mom passed away in 2009.

Bewildered, Passion Java’s wife responds:

How do I see that then?

Watch video below:


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