The ruling ZANU PF party continues to attack and insults the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference by calling them all possible names and this is after the bishops wrote an honest letter to the government supporting the Zimbabweans for their rights. 

Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa responded by writing a government statement on  Saturday calling the men of the cloth evil and deserving to be killed in a genocide.

Another ZANU PF stalwart, Collen Mharadzano a businessman from Masvingo who lost the party primary elections also insults the Bishops by calling them drunkards and sex perverts not deserving to speak to issues affecting the country.

Speaking from Mutsvangwa’s dictionary, Mharadzo is quoted in a state media publication picking on Archbishop Ndlovu the leader of the conference saying that “history will record him and his acolytes as accomplishes to the country’s detractors.”

“This is an unfortunate tag on people who are entrusted with nourishing souls of the believers.

“Instead of Archbishop Ndlovu being at the forefront of sowing seeds of peace and eternal coalescing of diverse tribes, race, and creed which constitute our beautiful nations.”

Mharadzano said his sentiments betray the fundamentals which the Christian faith is built upon.

“It is a religion predicated upon the love and forgiveness which the Lord Jesus Christ embodies.

“Therefore Archbishop Ndlovu and his accomplices are betraying, abusing the faith and trust which the multitudes of congregants have entrusted upon through spearheading hate, pandemonium and division amongst their flock and indeed the nation of Zimbabwe,” he said.

 Mharadzano went on to say that the Catholic bishops must also be reminded that they are not sacred.

“No, some of them are known drunkards and some are even alleged to be sexual perverts, hence they should limit themselves to the role of nourishing souls, a role which they have to date failed dismally.”

Their association with the American establishment, he said, depicts them as latter-day Judas Iscariots was America’s foreign policy on Zimbabwe is at crossroads with the national aspirations defined by the indigenous’ ownership of their land.

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