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Hubby Burns Cheating Wife’s Clothing

Blessed grabbed Eppie, punched and kicked her multiple times all over her body.

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Hubby Burns Cheating Wife’s Clothing

BLESSED Ndlovu (38), of Bulawayo’s Pumula North suburb, failed to contain his rage after hearing that his wife, Eppie Ncube (38), was cheating on him.

Man Assaulted for Catching Cheating Wife Red-handed

When Blessed Ndlovu arrived home that evening, he was enraged. He confronted his wife, accusing her of infidelity.

The court heard that tempers flared between the couple, and Ndlovu grabbed Ncube, punching and kicking her multiple times all over her body.

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Ncube sustained injuries and was taken to hospital for medical attention. While home alone, he poured paraffin on his wife’s clothes and allegedly set them ablaze.

Hubby Burns Cheating Wife’s Clothing

Neighbours rushed to the scene to find him burning his wife’s clothes. They reported the crime to the police, leading to his arrest.

He was hauled before Western Commonage magistrate Learnear Khumalo facing charges of physical abuse and malicious damage to property.

He pleaded guilty and was remanded out of custody to 6 November for sentencing.


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