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Wife Shoots Hubby After Rough Ride

Happy got rough during the tlof tlof, hurting his girlfriend

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Wife Shoots Hubby After Rough Ride

A Mpulamalnga woman pleaded guilty to shooting her husband dead in his sleep because he had given her rough tlof tlof.

Zimoja reports that Zanele Mkhonto (28) will remain in custody for the premeditated murder charges.

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She allegedly shot and killed her boyfriend and police officer Happy Thwala (45) on the night of 2 August 2022 in Gedlembane in Pienaar, Mpumalanga.

National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Monica Nyuswa revealed that the couple got into a fight after Zanele’s ex-boyfriend called her.

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It is alleged that Thwala became angry, broke down and cried while threatening to shoot and kill Mkhonto.

She managed to calm him down, and he gave her the gun, and they went on to have intercourse.

However, the tlof tlof was not as gentle as Zanele would have preferred. Happy got rough during the tlof tlof, hurting his girlfriend. Zanele was deeply enraged by this but remained mum until they were done.

After Happy had fallen asleep, Zanele quietly took out the gun and shot dead her cop boyfriend in his sleep. He died as a result.

Wife Shoots Hubby After Rough Ride

The Hawks Serious Organised Crime Investigation in Nelspruit took the case up and looked into it. They found evidence linking Mkhonto to the murder and nabbed her on 10 August 2022. On the same day, she appeared at Kanyamazane Magistrates Court and the police held her in custody.

Zanele received Legal Aid but faced multiple court battles to get bail, which the Magistrates Court resultantly denied. She has been in custody since. The court postponed the case to 27 November 2023 for a pre-sentence report in the High Court.


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