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Chitown Man Vanishes After Impregnating 15-y-o

Stabben would routinely drive the girl to a nearby church and sexually assault her.

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Chitown Man Vanishes After Impregnating 15-y-o

The police are looking for a 25-year-old Chitungwiza man after he allegedly raped his neighbour’s 15-year-old daughter at a church premises.

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The accused, Stabben Mapara of Unit G Extension in Chitungwiza, called the child to his car and r_ped her several times in August.

Mapara is said to have followed the girl to the shops and given her transport to return home. Stabben would then go to a nearby church and sexually assault the girl before taking her back home.

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The victim eventually fell pregnant. The girl’s mother was told about the abuse after her daughter fell pregnant and Stabben Mapara disappeared.

Chitown Man Vanishes After Impregnating 15-y-o

Luckmore Chakanza, the Harare provincial police spokesperson, is appealing to the public for information leading to Stabben’s arrest.

Police are investigating a rape case where a minor child was sexually assaulted on different days and fell pregnant.

On an unknown day in August at around 7 p.m., the minor was coming from a nearby tuckshop when she met the accused, driving his vehicle. He Stopped and asked her to get in, and she boarded.

The accused then drove the vehicle to Unit G corner shops, where he parked and raped her once without protection.

The complainant shouted for help, but no one came to her rescue. The complainant went home and did not tell anyone about the rape.

Chakanza recited another encounter the complainant had with the accused in the same month. It was on the 6th of November after the complainant suspected she was pregnant when she finally told her mother.


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