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Simping 101: Kudzai Inks Khanyi Name on Chest

Remember how he exuded his pain and hurt on social media last year after Khanyi dumped him in Dubai

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Simping 101: Kudzai Inks Khanyi Name on Chest

Kudzai Terrence Mushonga is undoubtedly head over heels in love with the South African actress, Khanyi Mbau.

The couple has been dating for over two years, and their commitment to one another is blatant to every eye.

Khanyi Mbau's Cryptic IG Caption Raises Eyebrows

Since their relocation to Dubai, they have been consistent in dishing us the power couple’s goals. Kudzai and Khanyi are currently on a private island to celebrate the businessman’s birthday.

While swimming, the two went Live on Instagram, and people were able to spot Khanyi Mbau’s name fully tattooed on her boyfriend’s chest.

People who were part of the live chat spotted the tat and reacted in the comment.

It’s no news that Kudzai is a lover boy, as we remember how he exuded his pain and hurt on social media last year after Khanyi dumped him in Dubai.

The two reconciled and they are presumably, building an empire there.

South African reality TV star and actress Khanyi Mbau took time off her busy schedule to surprise her millionaire boyfriend, Zimbabwean-born International businessman Kudzai Terrence Mushonga on his 31st birthday — the couple checked-in at a luxurious private island resort to celebrate Mushonga entering his third-floor as seen in his Instagram Stories posted on Monday, 20 November.

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Simping 101: Kudzai Inks Khanyi Name on Chest

The love birds jet-setted from their home in Dubai to spend some quality time at a private resort on Kudzai Mushonga’s birthday this year.

Khanyi Mbau pulled off all the stops and got her man to the other side of the world without him having a clue as to where she was taking him.

After crossing the airport gates and getting on a flight, the lovely couple eventually arrived at the private resort and rushed staright for the beachfront as they took-in the exquisite scenery.

Mushonga who is also known as Denge Boy in his country for his love for airplanes seemed thoroughly impressed by the lengths his 38-year-old girlfriend went to make his day extra special.

Thank you so much baby. You made me very happy. You made this day very special for me. 🏝️Didn’t expect it at all.

Mushonga who has been a resident in Dubai since his varsity days recently hosted a billionaires networking event through his company.

And of course, on his arm, was the Queen of Bling herself dressed to the nines as expected.

And after having been open with their ups and downs in the past, the long-term lovers have seemingly gotten back on track as they were also recently spotted spending some quality time with both their mothers under one roof.

Could wedding bells be ringing in their near future?


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