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Masvingo Girl's Leaked Video Breaks the Internet

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Masvingo Girl's Leaked Video Breaks the Internet

A leaked tlof tlof video, allegedly shot in Masvingo involving two young women with one of them identified as Nyasha, has surfaced.

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In the video, Nyasha is seen leaking her partner's privates and the partner [who seems like the one recording the video] urges her own.

The lesbo video goes on with Nyasha's partner exclaiming that she's about to cum.

Masvingo Girl's Leaked Video Breaks the Internet

The source of the video is yet to be established and the identified lesbian couple have yet to respond to this new development but what is clear is that the two were having a time of their lives.

Why People Who Are Cheating Are Tempted to Record Themselves

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It is not known when the video was recorded and why it is surfacing now but in majority of cases in Zimbabwe, most tlof tlof videos are leaked as revenge porn.

Anyone who films a partner during sex without their consent is committing the criminal offence of voyeurism, the court of appeal has ruled in a case that may affect the Crown Prosecution Service’s apparent reluctance to bring charges.

The ruling by three judges came at the end of an unsuccessful appeal by a man convicted of filming himself having sex with prostitutes.

His lawyers argued that the voyeurism law allowed him to do so since even a bedroom is not a private place if he was there legitimately.

In a highly unusual development in a criminal case, the court allowed someone not directly involved in events to intervene in the hearing to develop arguments that consent should be the primary issue when considering cases under the 2003 Sexual Offences Act.

Emily Hunt, a woman intervened in the hearing and criticised prosecutors for refusing to bring charges after she was filmed naked in a hotel bedroom by a man without her consent.

More details will emerge.

The explicit leaked video is below:


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