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Pastor Causes Stir with TikTok Antics

Faith M Peters gave him condoms, panty liners, and petroleum jelly as a "gift" during a Sunday service.

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Pastor Causes Stir with TikTok Antics

Pastor Victor Kanyari is always causing a stir, but his recent TikTok antics have taken it to a whole new level. Kenyans are both amused and confused, wondering how far he'll go to get attention.

In two recent viral incidents, Kanyari has pushed the boundaries of what's considered acceptable online behaviour for a religious leader.

Barely months into TikTok, pastor Kanyari has officially been inducted into TikTok drama as a lady by the name Rish Kamunge claims she's pregnant for him after he slept at her place.

First, a female TikToker named Faith M Peters gave him condoms, panty liners, and petroleum jelly as a “gift” during a Sunday service. She even confessed her love for the recently single pastor, and Kanyari was clearly entertained, unwrapping the gifts on the pulpit.


In the viral video clip, Faith Peters can be heard throwing insults at Kanyari for misusing her and misleading the public about their relationship. She made it clear that her decision to gift Kanyari condoms didn't come from nowhere but was well planned. Some people praised her boldness, while others thought it was inappropriate.

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Then, there was the bizarre “exorcism” attempt on a gay TikToker named Mpenzi Chokuu. Kanyari tried to “change” him with a weird mix of religious and military language, shouting “fire!” and referencing grenades and machine guns. Chokuu played along, shaking his bum in response. Some people found it funny, while others thought it was disrespectful to religion.

Pastor Causes Stir with TikTok Antics

These two episodes show Kanyari's talent for causing controversy, and now he's doing it on TikTok! According to Kanyari, he's not on TikTok for personal gain, but it's clear he's loving the attention.

He said in a previous interview:

Joining the platform is not going to make me rich if I'm not already rich. I joined TikTok because I noticed that it is mostly the younger generation and I wanted to reach out and save some lives.

There are a lot of tragedies and I think we can make a difference. There are a lot of drug addicts on the platform and I hope to help and guide them.

Kanyari has also addressed the inevitable criticism that follows him.

No pastor has faced as much criticism as I have. If you were to live my life for just one day, you wouldn't be able to withstand the amount of hate I receive.

That's why I won't let trolls stop me from doing what I want. I've become immune to the negativity and hate.


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