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Hatcliffe Women Strip & Assault Hubby Snatcher

The victim was allegedly dating a married man, and the other ladies took matters into their own hands.

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Hatcliffe Women Strip & Assault Hubby Snatcher

A violent video has been trending on Twitter where several women ganged up while beating another woman, who they alleged to be a homewrecker, senselessly in a ‘street justice’ style attack has outraged many Zimbabweans.

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According to the X user who shared the video, The incident took place in Hatcliffe, where a group of women were beating an unnamed woman.

According to the comments, the victim was dating a married man, and the other ladies took matters into their own hands.

Information on whose husband she was dating has not been named, nor does the video make it clear.

A couple of unnamed men came to the lady’s rescue and chased the women who were beating her away.

Other ladies took a cloth that they used to cover her up as she had been stripped to her underwear during the fight.

The victim was left lying down on the ground, and there was no information on whether she was hurt and required medical attention.


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Hatcliffe Women Strip & Assault Hubby Snatcher

South African singer Londie London has broken her silence as controversy engulfs her following the reported seizure of a gifted BMW by the police.

The unfolding drama centres around allegations that her ex-boyfriend, Sphamandla Mabonga, presented her with a stolen BMW 330i.

According to Sunday World, news of the confiscated vehicle emerged during police investigations linked to a recent shooting at the Sunninghill restaurant and nightclub Tempo, leaving three patrons injured.

Sphamandla Mabonga, a businessman and Londie London’s former partner, was among those injured, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative.

Video: Wife & Smallhouse Fight at Longcheng Plaza

The luxury BMW 330i, ostensibly a gift from Mabonga to Londie London, took centre stage during the investigations.

According to the Sunday World, suspicions arose, leading to the police impounding the vehicle over concerns that it might have been hijacked in Eshowe.


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