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Former Mr Ugly Collapses in Toilet

His family believes his death was caused by the illicit drugs and alcohol that he was in the habit of consuming

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Former Mr Ugly Collapses in Toilet

In a sad development, Mison Sere, the winner of the Mr Ugly pageant in 2015, has died at the age of 51.

The unfortunate incident occurred at his family pad in Mabvuku, where he collapsed while answering nature’s call in the toilet.

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His untimely demise was confirmed by family spokesperson Danny Sere in a brief chat with H-Metro.

He said they believe his death was probably caused by the illicit drugs and alcohol the former Mr Ugly was in the habit of consuming.

Danny said Mison Sere would show signs of mental illness because of the drugs and illicit alcohol he was abusing.

Danny said:

Mison has been abusing drugs and drinking illicit alcohol for some time. At one time, he would show signs of mental disturbances due to drugs.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Danny revealed how Mison Sere became a funeral hopper, sniffing out homes in mourning for the sole purpose of quenching his thirst.

He would move around looking for houses where people are gathered for funerals.

There was no funeral gathering around Mabvuku, which he didn’t attend, just for beer only.

He would spend more than three days camped at a funeral.

Chainyanyorwadza ndechekuti ainwa tudoro utwu asinakudya.

Mison Sere gained attention by winning the “ugliest person” title in 2015, triumphing over the three-time winner, William Masvinu.

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Some people contested his win, thinking he wasn’t ‘ugly’ enough to compete, pointing out his missing teeth as his only standout feature.

Despite controversy over his win, Sere went on to win the title three more times.

Former Mr Ugly Collapses in Toilet


Thomas Nyamhunga, the man who tragically took the life of one of his girlfriend Needmore Mauka’s children, was already on the police wanted list for assaulting her over a measly US$5.

Mauka had reported the matter in October of this year.

Nyamhunga made his first court appearance on Wednesday and was remanded in custody until December 20.

The charges stacked against him include murder, attempted murder, and domestic violence in the wake of the heart-wrenching incident where he claimed the life of Mauka’s five-year-old son on Sunday night.

Nyamhunga found himself in the dock at the Mbare Magistrate Court after being nabbed in Waterfalls on a Tuesday morning.

Magistrate Batanai Madzingira presided over the hearing and subsequently referred the case to the High Court for a bail application.


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