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Brother Dies in Fight for T-shirt

Trevor picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed his brother below his shoulder on his back.

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Brother Dies in Fight for T-shirt

Two brothers’ brawl over a missing T-shirt ended deadly after a murder occurred during their fight.

The two brothers, Trevor Kapungu (27) and Tonderai (35) had an altercation over a missing T-shirt. During the fight, Tonderai overpowered Trevor, who fell to the ground.

While on the ground, Trevor picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed his brother below his shoulder on his back. Trevor then ran away after seeing what he had done to his brother.

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Tonderai called for help, and his neighbour found him seriously injured and subsequently rushed him to the hospital.

The neighbour hired a vehicle which took Tonderal to Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital, where he was quickly attended to but did not make it.

Mashonaland West Provincial Police Spokesperson Ian Kohwera shared that Trevor has been arrested and is currently in police custody. The arrest was made on Sunday.

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Brother Dies in Fight for T-shirt

The police have warned the public to value the gift of life and not choose violence as a means to solve their differences. Kohwera shared that:

Violence does not solve anything. Instead, it worsens the situation, leading to injuries and loss of property and life.

According to a neighbour, Tonderai and Trevor were said not to have been on good terms, with animosity between them as brothers.

The two were known for their fights and disagreements; their family knew of them.

Their sister shared that the two started fighting inside the house, but she did not know what their fight was about.

The sister who chose to stay anonymous while talking to H-Metro was still shocked by the results of her brothers’ fight.


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