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Sangoma Loses Practicing Certificate to Thieves

Tongogara found out that his Zinatha practicing certificates, identity documents, and US$300 had been stolen

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Sangoma Loses Practicing Certificate to Thieves

A sangoma from Bulawayo’s powers were apparently put to the test when a brazen thief broke into his house and allegedly stole his practicing certificate, identity documents, and US$300.

Instead of using his magic to recover his stolen money, identity documents, and practicing certificate issued by the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha), the traditional healer Luckjoy Tongogara reported the theft to the police.

Sangoma Robbed During Money Ritual

This came to light when Jackson Takaruza (30) of Pelandaba West suburb in Bulawayo appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mehluli Moyo facing a charge of unlawful entry into premises committed in aggravating circumstances, as defined in Section 132(1) and (2) of the Criminal Law and Codification Act.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge.

During trial, Takaruza admitted to entering the room, but denied taking Tongogara’s practicing identity documents, and US$300.

The traditional healer testified that he strongly suspected Takaruza of stealing his items, as his neighbours had seen Takaruza entering his room while he was away.

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The court heard that Tongogara locked his room before leaving to run errands. A few hours later, Takaruza went to Tongogara’s house while no one was home.

Sangoma Loses Practicing Certificate to Thieves

It is reported that he opened the door, entered the room, and stole Tongogara’s Zinatha practicing certificates, identity documents, and US$300 before leaving.

When Tongogara returned that evening, he was shocked to find the door to his room wide open.

He went inside and discovered that his certificates, documents, and money had been stolen.

He asked a neighbour who they had seen entering his room, and they told him it was Takaruza.

Tongogara then reported the matter to the police, leading to Takaruza’s arrest.


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