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Zimbo Caught Reselling Streaming Services

Tawanda is one of the many middlemen resellers of many illegal streaming apps

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Zimbo Caught Reselling Streaming Services

In a TikTok video that has gone viral, a gadget retailer in South Africa only identified as Tawanda was caught reselling illegal streaming services.

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The lady involved in the investigation explains those him that what he is doing is illegal.

However, Tawanda initially defends himself saying the woman was pushing an agenda. He said he didn't know about the illegal streaming services saying “I sell TVs and TV boxes”.

The investigating team then refreshed his memory by showing him hidden camera footage in which Tawanda is seen doing subscriptions for over a 100 people.

The lady asked him:

Have you told them that it's illegal and they can be criminally charged?

Tawanda who is visibly shocked at the evidence against him muttered:

I can help you if you want me to help you but stop pushing your agenda on me.

Asked whether he'll stop doing it, Tawanda said he was willing to stop since he doesn't want the stress associated with all the attention.

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Tawanda is one of the many middlemen resellers of many illegal streaming apps.


It’s often claimed that illegally streaming is a ‘grey area’. It’s not.

Zimbo Caught Reselling Streaming Services

Anyone selling, distributing or allowing access to content without the permission of the copyright owner is committing a crime.

But what you need to know is that anyone who is accessing content in this way is also committing a crime.

With online streaming in high demand, law enforcement agencies are increasing their focus on dismantling pirate content networks, disabling illegal streams, sending offenders to jail and contacting people accessing illegal streams or downloads with the threat of prosecution.

Almost half (49%) of respondents who illegally stream in the UK say they or someone they know have been a victim of scams, ID theft, fraud or data loss as a result and 41% have been exposed to inappropriate content.


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