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Chisipite School Teacher Harassing Lover’s Wife

Beauty Tembeni posted video clips online, depicting intimate moments with Zigora’s husband

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Chisipite School Teacher Harassing Lover’s Wife

CHISIPITE Senior School teacher is in trouble after she allegedly posted intimate pictures of her married lover online.

Beauty Tembeni (29) appeared in court yesterday charged with cyber bullying.

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The complainant is her lover’s wife, Lovelyn Zigora.

Allegations are that Tembeni started calling and sending WhatsApp messages to Zigora telling her that she was in an extra marital affair with her husband and that she was pregnant.

She allegedly sent video clips kissing Zigora’s husband, Tawanda, in the couple’s daughter’s comment section on Facebook.

She allegedly posted other pictures on Instagram.

Zigora filed for adultery damages sometime last year but Tembeni apologised in writing promising to end the affair, which she never did.

She started harassing her with messages and calls, including some made at 2am.

Tembeni will be back in court on March 13 when trial is expected to get underway.

Belinda Chimuka prosecuted.

Meanwhile …

A Masvingo man apperaed in court for beating and molesting his sister, accusing her of attracting men without genuine intentions.

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Appearing before Masvingo regional magistrate Bishard Chineka, the accused was remanded in custody pending the continuation of the trial scheduled for February 26.

Chisipite School Teacher Harassing Lover’s Wife

While he admitted guilt to the charge of domestic violence, he pleaded not guilty to the charge of indecent assault.

The incident reportedly occurred on February 7, 2024, around 10:30 PM, when the accused and his younger brother visited their sister’s home in the village.

Upon finding her with a male companion she referred to as her boyfriend, they inquired about her intentions regarding marriage and starting a family, to which she expressed no such desires.

It’s alleged that the accused then proceeded to physically assault the complainant with a sjambok, prompting her to flee to their aunt’s house, with the brothers in pursuit.

Despite seeking refuge behind her aunt, the accused continued the assault.

He even forcibly entered the aunt’s room, where he restrained the complainant and demanded she undress, purportedly to assess her attractiveness.

When the complainant refused, the accused tied her hands, forced her to the floor, and proceeded to molest her, despite her pleas for mercy.

She eventually managed to escape, seeking refuge at the village head’s residence, only to be pursued and assaulted again by the accused and his brother.

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Ultimately, they dragged her back to her own home, leaving her naked until she could wrap herself in a towel.

The matter was reported on February 12, leading to the accused’s arrest while the complainant sought medical attention for her injuries.


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