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Man Stone Wife to Death

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While the world commemorates 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Violence, police in Karoi, are dealing with yet another grisly murder case, involving the accused, Shandai Masau, who is alleged to have stoned his ex- wife, Precious Muvengwa to death.

The facts of the matter are that on November 26, Masau contacted Muvengwa, with the intention of giving her USD20 for their child, Takudzwa Masau’s school fees. The two met at Julius Shops, in Chikange, where the accused gave the deceased the promised cash.

Masau then requested another rendezvous, to have sex with his ex-wife Muvengwa, he was married to, till 2016. They met at Kygo farm, had sexual intercourse, after which a misunderstanding, over the upkeep of their child erupted.

In anger according to the police report, Masau went on to strike Muvengwa on the head with a stone, ‘he took another stone and struck her on the occipital.’

”The deceased fell down. The accused grabbed her throat and struck for the third time,” reads the report. The accused proceeded to steal RTGS300 and an intel phone from the deceased. He went to look for a shovel, burying the deceased in pit along the river bank.

After his arrest Masau led the police to the scene of the crime, where two blood stained stones were recovered, including the shovel, used to dig the pit. Masau also led the police to the pit had buried the deceased.

 Source : ZimEye 

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