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Doek and Slay Events Turning Nasty

“There were dirty tissues scattered, human waste all over the place, it was unbearable" - Dr Tinashe Gede

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Doek and Slay Events Turning Nasty

The National Sports Stadium, where the ‘Doek and Slay’ event was held on Sunday, was turned into a giant outdoor public toilet as human waste was scattered all over the place afterwards.

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This was disclosed after a medical doctor, Dr Tinashe Gede, who goes to the arena for his daily jogging exercises, was met with an unpleasant sight.

He has written a letter of complaint to the Sports and Recreation Commission and the Environmental Management Agency expressing his concerns and the potential health risks to visitors and athletes.

I am writing to you as a health professional and very distressed citizen to seek your urgent intervention regarding the Doek and Slay show held at the stadium.

“I woke up and proceeded to the NSS along with a group of friends and our children.

“We were joined by a group of national athletes, who have been routinely training in preparation for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics.

“For me and others, the stadium is a safe, clean and well-maintained track where we enjoy running to keep fit and healthy.”

Doek and Slay Events Turning Nasty

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He added:

What we witnessed is beyond what words can describe, one would have to see it to fully comprehend it.

The usually clean track and its surroundings had become a scene of hell.

“There were dirty tissues scattered, human waste all over the place, it was unbearable.

“We do not know if the event was allowed to take place without proper ablution facilities.

“We are concerned about this considering that we have some cases of cholera being recorded in some parts of the country.

“Let the event organisers consider people’s health first rather than focusing on getting money and endangering people’s lives.”

Doek and Slay events have been characterised by ugly scenes, which include fights by revellers.

The next Doek and Slay event is set for Bulawayo.


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