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Graveside Speech Reveals Deceased’s Cause of Death

Younger’s body is slated for exhumation to undergo a post-mortem examination.

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Graveside Speech Reveals Deceased’s Cause of Death

Recent revelations during a funeral speech at Granville Cemetery have raised suspicions of murder, prompting the authorities to reopen a case and exhume the deceased’s body for further investigation.

Stolen Phones Found Hidden in Deceased Thief's Socks

The shocking incident involving the demise of Younger Changadeya, a man accused of cellphone theft and brutally attacked by eight individuals in Kuwadzana, has taken a dark turn.

According to witness Cleopas Magugu, who addressed mourners, the brutal assault on Younger Changadeya occurred at Kuwadzana Shopping Centre.

The attackers accused him of stealing a cellphone, leading to a violent altercation that ultimately claimed his life six days later.

The absence of a police report at the time of the incident has now been rectified, with the family filing a report following Magugu’s revelations.

Acting Harare provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Faith Mapisa confirmed the initiation of an investigation into the suspected murder.

Graveside Speech Reveals Deceased’s Cause of Death

The older brother of the deceased discovered Younger at a house in Mbare on January 4, seemingly unharmed.

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However, two days later, Younger’s health deteriorated rapidly, leading to his admission to Sally Mugabe Hospital, where he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Medical reports later revealed signs of assault, prompting the family to file a police report after the burial.

As a result, Younger’s body is slated for exhumation to undergo a post-mortem examination.

The circumstances surrounding the assault, previously unknown to the family, came to light during a speech at the cemetery, changing the nature of the case from a seemingly natural death to a potential murder investigation.

On January 4, at approximately 9 am, the older brother found Younger at a house in Mbare, seemingly in good health.

However, Younger’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and he was admitted to Sally Mugabe Hospital on January 6. Two days after admission, he passed away.

Suspected Thief Dies After Mob Justice Assault

At the hospital, the family did not suspect foul play, leading to the issuance of a burial order for Younger at Mbudzi cemetery.

It was only during the graveside speech that the revelation of the assault emerged, prompting the family to take action and involve the police in investigating the suspicious circumstances surrounding Younger’s death.

The police are now diligently working on the case to uncover the truth behind Younger Changadeya’s tragic end, shedding light on the events that transpired at Kuwadzana Shopping Centre.


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