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Schools Now Demanding Teacher Appreciation Fees

Student are required to pay an appreciation fee of US$10 a month for the teacher or be barred from attending lessons

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Schools Now Demanding Teacher Appreciation Fees

Several schools are under fire for introducing charges, including a bizarre teacher appreciation fee, which students have to pay to attend lessons.

Woman-like Ghost Disrupting Classes at Zengeza School

Some parents have been clashing with teachers and school authorities over the demands that students pay civvies and sports discipline charges.

They are also expected to give teachers a monthly appreciation fee.

Some students have been barred from attending lessons if their families refuse to pay such fees and have been relegated to playing in the school grounds.

Parents with children at Highlands Junior School in Harare forced the election of a new School Development Committee, accusing the old one of jointly fleecing them working together with teachers.

Each student is required to pay an appreciation fee of US$10 a month for the teacher or be barred from attending lessons.

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One parent said:

We are appealing for help from the relevant authorities to put a stop to this cancerous charge being demanded by teachers.

We are being forced to appreciate teachers and if we fail to pay, our children are asked to leave the class.

Saka vasina mari hatichabvumidzwa here kuti vana vedu vafunde ini ndakwanisa kubhadhara school fees?

The SDC has been lured into that cancerous system where they value money at the expense of education for our children.

Blakiston Primary School is said to demand US$1 from each student by the school gate every day.

Schools Now Demanding Teacher Appreciation Fees

The school is also reported to have civvies days and sports discipline charges.

Parents fumed in a WhatsApp group over Blakiston Primary’s Grade 7 pass rate. Some of the messages.

Did you check the Grade 7 results? Blakiston is nowhere close to the top 100 zvayo. Kukundwa nezvikoro zviri kuEpworth.

Blakiston standards have dropped.

With all that over enrolment kushaya kana vana five zvavo vanobuda ne 6 units.

This just shows us that our issue is not on development, but on the academic side.

We are way, way behind and it’s so disheartening and embarrassing.

Kukundwa nechikoro chiri kuMayambara uko with next to zero resources, but still manages kubika mashasha.

A school in Chitungwiza, Pathway Junior, recently clashed with parents for forcing students to observe Valentine’s Day as a way of collecting money.

In a letter sent to parents ahead of Valentine’s Day, the school wrote:

February the 14th is Valentine’s Day. Roses will be on sale at US$2 each. Give the child the money on Monday so that we make an order.

Monday so that we make an order.

A gentle reminder, on Friday it’s T-shirt and jean day.

Valentine’s Day US$1, musician US$3, quad bikes US$2, ice cream US$1, photo US$1, hot dogs US$1.


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