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Outrage After Bullies Forced Fellow Student to Take Rat Poison

The bullies confronted Bryan in the school restroom, physically assaulted him then and coerced him to consume the toxic substance.

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Outrage After Bullies Forced Fellow Student to Take Rat Poison

In a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves through the community, a 15-year-old Zimbabwean schoolboy tragically lost his life after allegedly being forced to consume rat poison by bullies at Queens High School in Johannesburg.

The incident has sparked a thorough investigation by the Gauteng Department of Education and the South African Police Service, as authorities seek to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Brian Tatenda Mukwereti Ndlovu, a talented rugby player, and avid Liverpool fan, passed away last week at a clinic after experiencing severe stomach complications.

Before his untimely death, Brian confided in his mother, Mildred, about the harrowing ordeal he had endured at school.

According to Brian, he was cornered by a group of boys in the school restroom, who subjected him to physical assault and coerced him into consuming the toxic substance.

Distraught and in pain, Brian returned home and sought comfort from his mother, who immediately rushed him to the hospital. Tragically, despite their efforts, Brian could not be saved.

Outrage After Bullies Forced Fellow Student to Take Rat Poison

Mildred, overcome with grief, is now pleading for authorities to thoroughly investigate the incident and hold the responsible individuals accountable.

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In her tearful account, she shared:

He even mentioned four more boys at the school, who included his best friend, and said,

‘Mama if you do not believe me go and ask my four friends. They know what is happening at that school.'

The family’s claims are supported by reports of a group of six boys who have been terrorizing their fellow students at Queens High School.

Outraged parents have staged protests, demanding stronger measures to address the issue of bullying within the school.

In response to the growing concerns, Matome Chiloane, the Gauteng Member of the Executive Council on Education, visited the school and assured the community that the Department of Education is working closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure a thorough investigation.

While he did not confirm that the cause of Brian’s death was directly linked to bullying, the post-mortem results are expected to shed further light on the circumstances surrounding his tragic passing.

Outrage After Bullies Forced Fellow Student to Take Rat Poison

Johan Lourens, the school principal, emphasized that the school takes all reports of bullying seriously.

However, he stated that there had been no previous reports of Brian being involved in any bullying incidents at the school.


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