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Zimdancehall Chanter Boss Pumacol in Accident

As Pumacol entered the intersection, a truck came along, and the two vehicles collided

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Zimdancehall Chanter Boss Pumacol in Accident

Zimdancehall chanter Boss Pumacol has spoken hours after surviving a road traffic accident in Harare yesterday.

The “Ammara Brown” hitmaker touched down from the United Kingdom, where he toured with Mbida Dee and Ndunge Yut.

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After returning to Harare, he went out in his black Toyota Altezza yesterday. He then reached one intersection with non-functioning traffic lights, which complicated the movement of vehicles.

After Boss Pumacol thought the intersection was safe to rush and pass, another smaller vehicle crashed into him on the left side.

The crash’s impact was so bad that the singer’s car rammed into a stationary truck at the intersection.

The Black Altezza squeezed underneath the truck, and its front was crumpled.

Also, the Honda Fit that smashed Boss Pumacol also dented its front.

There was considerable mess at the scene as engine oil dripped from the two smaller cars.

Despite hitting the truck, the big vehicle suffered minor damage to its front.

After surviving the car crash in Harare yesterday, Bos Pumacol has reacted, expressing his shock over the encounter.

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Zimdancehall Chanter Boss Pumacol in Accident

He, however, did not reveal if he was injured in the accident or the extent of the injuries.

Boss Pumacol posted:

Unbelievable 💔💔💔😭 So Sad. I had a close one, and God put an angel over me 😪 Tirinani hedu 😪

Boss Pumacol is lucky to be alive after he was involved in a road traffic accident in Harare.

The musician went out yesterday, and he encountered an intersection with traffic lights that were out.

This made it difficult for the drivers to manoeuvre the spot quickly and safely.

As he entered the intersection, a truck came along, and the two vehicles collided.

The truck was barely damaged, but Boss Pumacol’s car was severely dented.

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Videos he shared online showed his vehicle badly damaged. He did not reveal the extent of his injuries.

Police officers soon arrived at the scene to record statements after the accident.


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