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Kelvin Nyabocho Detained After Robbery Spree

Nyabocho stabbed Kandenga in the head and mouth, leaving him injured and calling for assistance

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Kelvin Nyabocho Detained After Robbery Spree

Kelvin Nyabocho facing charges of attempted murder and robbery after a violent altercation left a homeowner injured and a robbery victim stripped of his belongings.

According to court proceedings, the incident unfolded when Kenward Kandenga spotted Nyabocho loitering outside his residence on Tuesday.

Upon confrontation, Nyabocho attempted to flee, prompting Kandenga to give chase.

In a desperate bid to escape, Nyabocho hurled a brick at Kandenga, narrowly missing his target.

Undeterred, Kandenga continued his pursuit, only to be met with further aggression from Nyabocho, who wielded a screwdriver as a weapon.

In a brutal assault, Nyabocho stabbed Kandenga in the head and mouth, leaving him injured and calling for assistance.

Despite Kandenga’s cries for help, Nyabocho persisted in his attack until subdued by bystanders who had gathered at the scene.

Kelvin Nyabocho Detained After Robbery Spree

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Upon his arrest, Nyabocho was found in possession of a screwdriver, kitchen knife, and a hammer, implicating him in the violent encounter.

Furthermore, Nyabocho was linked to another robbery in the same vicinity, where Tapiwa Chirovapasi fell victim to his criminal exploits.

Threatened with violence, Chirovapasi was forced to relinquish his possessions, including his phone, clothing, and cash, to Nyabocho, who was positively identified as the perpetrator.

As Nyabocho awaits trial, his alleged spree of violence and robbery has left a community shaken and authorities vigilant against further criminal activity.


Recent revelations have brought to light shocking details about Ishmael’s personal life, particularly his marital practices, which have stirred controversy and condemnation from many quarters.

According to reports from H-Metro, Ishmael boasts an astonishing nine wives, with disturbing claims suggesting that five of them were wedded at ages below the legal consent threshold.

Among these alleged child brides were daughters of fellow members of the religious community, coerced or perhaps manipulated into unions they may not have fully comprehended or consented to.

Tendai Mukombe, Ishmael’s first wife, stands out as a defiant figure in this narrative, choosing to reject her husband’s church doctrine and retreat to the rural serenity of Murehwa, distancing herself from the tumultuous affairs of Canaan Camp.


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