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Holy Sneakers: Kadoma Pastor's Soleful Adventure

Pastor Learnmore Rupiya stole 200 pairs of shoes from a congregant and will do 350 hours of community service.

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Holy Sneakers: Kadoma Pastor's Soleful Adventure

In the sleepy town of Kadoma, where the sun shines brighter than a halo, a mischievous pastor named Learnmore Rupiya found himself in a holy pickle. You see, Pastor Rupiya had a secret passion—one that would make even the most devout churchgoer raise an eyebrow. His obsession? Shoes.

Now, this wasn't your run-of-the-mill shoe fetish. No, Pastor Rupiya had a thing for congregants' footwear. And not just any shoes—200 pairs of them! It was like he was collecting souls, one sole at a time.

Picture this: Sunday service at the African Seventh-day Adventist church. The choir sang hymns, and the congregation swayed like palm trees in a gentle breeze. But little did they know that their beloved pastor was eyeing their kicks like a hungry wolf sizing up a flock of sheep.

Dylan Maregere, a student from Midlands State University, unwittingly left behind his treasure trove of shoes after a spirited sermon. His collection—worth a cool $4000—was stashed away in the church's dusty corner, waiting for the next shoe revival.

Late one moonlit night, Pastor Rupiya donned his stealthiest robe and tiptoed into the church. The rear entrance creaked like an old hymnbook, but he paid it no mind. His heart raced faster than a choir solo during Easter service. The shoes beckoned to him, whispering promises of divine comfort and heavenly style.

With the precision of a cat burglar, Pastor Rupiya scooped up the shoes. Left foot, right foot, repeat. He stacked them like a Jenga tower, each pair a testament to his unholy obsession. And then, with the moon as his witness, he vanished into the night, leaving behind only the faint scent of shoe polish and a single choir robe button.

Holy Sneakers: Kadoma Pastor's Soleful Adventure

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But Pastor Rupiya wasn't content with hoarding his loot. Oh no! He had a master plan. He enlisted the help of a local vendor—a guy named Soleful Sam—to move his stolen stash. Sam set up shop at the market, displaying the shoes like precious relics. ‘Blessed by a pastor!' he shouted, waving a loafer like a holy talisman.

Word got out. The faithful flocked to the market, hoping for a divine discount. ‘Can I get a pair that's been sprinkled with holy water?' one old lady asked. Sam obliged, dipping a sneaker in a bucket of tap water. ‘There you go, sister. Walk on water!'

But alas, the heavens have their ways. A tip-off led the authorities straight to Soleful Sam's stall. The police swooped in like avenging angels, handcuffing poor Sam faster than you can say “Hallelujah.” And there, among the Nikes and the Adidas, they found Pastor Rupiya's signature—a tiny cross stitched into the insoles.

In court, Magistrate Nixon Mangoti raised an eyebrow. ‘Pastor, what were you thinking?'

Pastor Rupiya cleared his throat. ‘Your Honor, I was just trying to save soles.'

The courtroom erupted in laughter. Even the stern-faced bailiff cracked a smile. Magistrate Mangoti leaned back in his chair. ‘Two years in prison,' he declared, ‘unless you promise to lead a shoe drive for the needy.'

And so, Pastor Rupiya swapped his pulpit for a shoe rack. He organized shoe swaps, heel marathons, and lace-tying workshops. The congregation forgave him, and the church roof echoed with the sound of happy feet.

And that, my friends, is how Pastor Rupiya became the patron saint of sneakers. So next time you slip on your favorite pair, remember: somewhere out there, a pastor is praying for your arch support.


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