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Sad: 5 Confirmed Dead in Mabvuku RTA

A lorry collided head-on with a kombi then another kombi crashed into the back of the lorry

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Sad: 5 Confirmed Dead in Mabvuku RTA

Five people died in a horrific road traffic accident in Mabvuku. The road traffic accident occurred yesterday evening along Donnybrook Road, Chizhanje area, Mabvuku.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has finally confirmed the tragic incident on their official social media handle.

According to a police statement, a lorry collided head-on with a commuter omnibus. Shortly after, another commuter omnibus crashed into the back of the first one. Unfortunately, five people died on the spot, while several others were injured.

“The ZRP reports a fatal road traffic accident which occurred today at around 1700 hours along Donnybrook Road, Chizhanje area, Mabvuku in which a lorry was involved in a head on collision with a commuter omnibus. Subsequently, another commuter omnibus rammed onto the back of the first commuter omnibus. Five people died on the spot. Police are currently at the scene. More details will be released in due course.”

Sad: 5 Confirmed Dead in Mabvuku RTA


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Deputy President of the Senate Mike Nyambuya has urged senators against stealing interpretation headphones after use.

Legislators in Zimbabwe are free to use any of the 16 official languages listed in the constitution when debating motions in Parliament.

Parliament has availed the interpretation services to ensure legislators understand each other despite using different languages.

Legislators are given headphones to use, however, it is alleged that some headphones have gone missing after Parliament sessions.

This has seen Honourable Nyambuya urging the legislators not to take the headphones along with them but to return them after use.

‘’…Please make sure that you return those headphones once the Senate adjourns. I am advised that quite a few have been disappearing, that is what I have been told. So, let us make sure that we are responsible and we return them,’’ he said.

The Parliament of Zimbabwe moved into its state-of-the-art building that was built by the Chinese.


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