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Magical Scam Leaves Harare Businessman in a Bind

Kingombe allegedly promised to triple the US$100k cash within a day

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Magical Scam Leaves Harare Businessman in a Bind

Picture this: a Harare businessman, minding his own business, suddenly swept up in a financial whirlwind. How? Well, he fell for the oldest trick in the book: the magical money multiplier.

Our hero (or should I say, victim?) handed over a cool US$100,000 to Jean Piere Kingombe, the self-proclaimed magician. Kingombe promised to triple the cash within a day. Sounds like a fairy tale, right?

But here's where the plot thickens: Kingombe performed a mysterious ritual, wrapped up the “tripled” fortune, and told our businessman to wait 24 hours. The suspense.

Fast-forward to the big reveal: our guy unwraps the package, heart pounding, only to find… drumroll, please… worthless paper.

Yep, you guessed it. Kingombe vanished into thin air, leaving our businessman fuming and muttering, “Abracadabra, my foot!”

Now, the courtroom drama unfolds. Kingombe faces charges, and the businessman? Well, he's counting his losses instead of multiplying his money. Lesson learned: next time, stick to regular banks, not magic ones!

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Magical Scam Leaves Harare Businessman in a Bind


Zimbabwean socialite and video vixen Tariro Gezi has turned heads with her Africa Day outfit.

Taking to social media, Tariro Gezi posted two pictures of herself donned in her Africa Day outfit. She looked absolutely remarkable in a beautiful dress perfectly accentuated her toned body and curves.

Tariro Gezi revealed that the dress, created by Zargue’sia Couture, is called “The Great Zimbabwean Light.” She explained that the dress features the National fabric, which symbolizes Zimbabwe’s cultural heritage.

The dress design featured beading details such as cowrie shells, sea shells, and wooden and sand beads. The woven reed hat featured a unique porcupine weaving design native to Lupane in Matabeleland North province, created by the Lupane Women’s Centre.


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