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Disturbing: Video of Man 'Disciplining' Half-naked Sister

In the video, the brother is seen whipping his little sister whom he accuses of sleeping with an older man

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Disturbing: Video of Man ‘Disciplining' Half-naked Sister

A video showing a man savagely assaulting or torturing his half-naked little teenage sister has raised questions about the line between discipline and abuse.

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In the video, the little sister is seen – legs and hands tied wearing nothing much but a blouse and a panty – writhing in agony and screaming for forgiveness as her brother who stands over her mercilessly thrashes her little body with a whip.

Amid the little girl's screams, the brother is heard accusing the little girl of being naughty by sleeping with an older man. At some point of the long and torturous assault, the brother pauses the beating and ties the little girl's mouth with a white cloth.

What is more disheartening is that in that room where the girl is going through this ordeal, there is a third person who is quietly recording the video. The person holding the camera never attempts to intervene or mediate for the girl.

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Disturbing: Video of Man ‘Disciplining' Half-naked Sister

It is not known whether the person was secretly recording for later use as evidence against the assailant or was doing it in enjoyment of the girl's suffering.

Posting the leaked video on their X (formerly Twitter) page, the Masvingo Mirror captioned it:

“This incident is Zimbabwe in the mirror… This man is supposedly disciplining his half-naked young sister. The incident remarkably demonstrates a broken society where wheels have fallen off.

“Violence (a weapon of the present Government) lawlessness, immorality, sexual abuse, human rights violation etc are all loaded in this incident. Please identify this man and report him to the Police.”



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