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Leaked Audio Exposes Chivayo’s Shady Deals

Chivayo about US$3 million on cars and cash gifts to buy political support and loyalty.

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Leaked Audio Exposes Chivayo’s Shady Deals

In a revealing audio, Chivayo says he has captured the President and has a grip on him to get everything he wants. The tenderpreneur says Mnangagwa is certainly now under his grip and control, thus can get anything from him.

ZEC's Murky Deals with Notorious Tenderpreneurs Exposed

The NewsHawks got the audio some weeks ago, together with the documents of the corrupt US$40 million ZEC tender, but waited to first confirm their authenticity. The leaked audio confirms a number of key things including that Chivayo has ED's protection.

In the audio, Chivayo says “ndakachibata kuti dzvii, kuti dzvii… ” which means he is in tight control of the situation, and the US$40 million deal in particular.

Chivayo relates an incident in which he escorted ED on the red carpet to his flight when he was flying to Italy for the Italy-Africa Summit in Rome from 28-29 January 2024 which proves he is now deep inside the system.

He says when he got to the airport and the runway, ED took him by the hand and said he should escort him to the flight as they talked about deals. In the process, ED told Chivayo to do “this and that”, explaining their dodgy deals.

Chivayo says after ED had greeted his Vice-Presidents on the red carpet, he then said: “I will phone you my son after landing in Italy (as the plane was just about to take off).”

Chivayo says “I'm now deep inside, so let's take advantage of it.”

Chivayo is donating cars to Zanu PF supporters and sympathisers for political reasons and to capture them. He has spent about US$3 million on cars and cash gifts to buy political support and loyalty.

The context of the audio is that Chivayo was telling his bitter partners Moses Mpofu and Mike Chimombe not to trouble him demanding payments because he had already given then US$100 000 which they should enjoy while he waited for US$5.2 million more which was due to be paid by government. Chivayo owes Mpofu and Chimombe US$10 million from the ZEC deal.

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Leaked Audio Exposes Chivayo’s Shady Deals

In a more revealing disclosure, Chivayo says there are many other deals in the pipeline which ED is going to facilitate, including some with the police and immigration.

He says Mpofu and Chimombe should not be scrambling for his current deal – the corrupt US$40 million ZEC tender – while crying to have their school fees paid for them because “that's nothing” in the broader scheme of things.

He says he is swimming in cash as he, for example, had bought watch for R2.2 million in South Africa just recently.

Chivayo says he had problems with ED previously but now things are fine and they should grab the opportunity with both hands to make more money instead of fighting each other.

Chivayo reveals that he owed Mpofu and Chimombe US$10 million from the ZEC deal, but had paid them US$100 000 initially.

Mpofu and Chimombe have written a letter to South Africa company Ren-Form executive Angus Carlaw complaining about how Chivayo fraudulently seized deal and expressing their anger.

Chivayo says he is now worth 10 times or 20 times more after the general elections last year, courtesy to the ZEC tender. This means the ZEC deal was a financial game changer for him. Chivayo is leveraging proximity to power to make money.

Mixed Reactions as ED Approves Chivayo’s Starlink Deal

ED recently announced that Chivayo's IMC Communications, had been awarded a licence for Starlink services in Zimbabwe.



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