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Soul Jah Love Back in the Game

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Rising and falling is almost like a normalcy in the music industry, but requires great humility and focus, for one to earn the title music guru.


Looking at the music industry in Zimbabwe, Zim dancehall has become the popular genre in the country where most of the young and upcoming artists  have found an easier place to start from. More competition is rising as young vibrant artists are emerging almost every single day.


This has made life tough for Zim dancehall legends.  But some of them, the likes of Soul Musaka continue to push the button. The popular Zimdancehall Artist and Songwriter also known as Soul Jah Love recently released his new album ‘Zvihombe Zviri Pandiri’ with its first song also titled as ‘Zvihombe Zviri Pandiri’. The song has currently managed to touch a lot of people's hearts.

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Although the dancehall chanter is alleged to have been involved in many controversial issues, he always finds his way back to his fans' hearts. After rising to prominence in 2012 with hit tracks such as “Ndini Uya Uya” and “Gum-kum” which had great influence on youths especially those living in the ‘Ghetos’, the award winning and popular Zim dancehall artist  was criticized for promoting morale decadence in the youths in his songs ‘Gum-kum’ and ‘Yeke Yeke’, but there is no doubt that his new song can change fans' negative views towards him.


The 29 year old Zimdancehall artist is also known for his signature chants “Chibabababa”, “Hauite Hauite”, “Conquering” and “Mafundan'a” which appear in all of his songs.


Considering the tough time Soul jah Love has been through, he deserves to be applauded for beacuse picking the pieces and rising back again only takes courage which is not an easy thing to gain.  I hope we all are expecting the best from his new album, which I believe can change the story of his life.


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