Self-proclaimed evangelist Prosper Kamuchira of the Forward in God church was arrested following allegations of raping a six-year-old boy.


Pastor Kamuchira appeared before the Harare Magistrate Jessie Kufa on Monday, after he was accused of sexually assaulting the six-year-old boy and the issue is believed to have came to light prior difficulties that the boy encountered in passing stool.


However, Kamuchira pleaded not guilty, as he denied the allegations and accused the young boy’s guardian for fabricating stories.


“These are fabricated allegations,


“There is bad blood as I was once a tenant at their place. When I vacated the house, I owed them $150 in unpaid rent,


“The complainant’s guardian is in a relationship with the owner of the house,” Kamuchira said.


He denied the allegations, stating that they would never suit his character as a man of God, and said he never found pleasure in engaging in such an immoral act.


Meanwhile, prosecutors now wait for evidence from a medical report that is yet to come.


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