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Prices of basic commodities are likely to rise.

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Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) media and public relations manager, Garikai Chaunza has said that prices of commodities such as mealie-meal, flour and bread are likely to rise in direct response to the government’s increase of maize and wheat prices.

Maize grain is now $1 300 per metric tonne from $726, while wheat has gone up from around $1 600 per metric tonne to $2 200.

The development is likely to impact on the prices of maize-meal. Currently, a 10kg bag of maize-meal costs $34 while a 2kg packet of flour is averaging $22.

The current average price of a loaf bread is $7.

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The increase in the prices of maize and wheat come at a time when the government has already started importing the grains as its reserves are already empty.

The president also appealed to stakeholders and sympathisers to assist with food aid as the country faces severe starvation due to El Nino drought. Moreover, Cyclone Idai destroyed crops which were weeks away from harvest.

Prices of other commodities in the country are already high

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