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College bans Masturbation in the showers.

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If you’re a guy in college or just someone who happened to be a dorm bathroom, due to whichever reason have ever come across a request from your college to not to masturbate. Well probably not, if you are not a student of India’s prestigious college Rajendra Bhawan Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

Yes, you heard it right!! Rajendra Bhawan Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has issued a notice for their students about excessive masturbation in their hostel’s showers. The notice is, “Masturbation in the showers is a violation of Indian Institute of Roorkee Hostel code of conduct”.

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no mastubations

They also mentioned in their notice is,” The shower drains are not designed to handle semen! The excessive amount of semen in the drain costs thousands of rupees in maintenance and must be reflected in the hostel prices increase for next year. Please masturbate in your own room!!”

So guys in Universities and colleges in Zimbabwe you don't need to panic you are still welcome to masturbate in the showers, if you even have the water to do so. Zimbabweans we are safe


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