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NetOne Finally Introduces the Option to Switch Off Out Of Bundle Browsing

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NetOne has been late to the party but they finally now allow you to save your airtime by introducing out-of-bundle browsing option. 

This option will come in handy for most subscribers who had been facing a challenge of ‘disappearing' airtime and data. By disabling out-of-bundle browsing, you will stop background apps and your phones operating system form updating using your data or regular airtime.

If you have topped up your NetOne line and then found out that the airtime balance was dwindling it was probably because of background apps accessing the internet without your knowledge. With this option now, you will only restrict your browsing to the specific data bundle.

For example, with this option, you will only be able to use WhatsApp only if you have a WhatsApp bundle. If the bundle gets depleted then your regular airtime balance will not be used to access WhatsApp. By the way, using regular airtime to browse the internet is much more expensive than using bundles.

It is unfortunate that NetOne is introducing this option more than four years after Econet introduced it to their subscribers.

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How to switch off out of bundle browsing on NetOne

  1. Dial *130#
  2. Select option 1 “Out of bundle data charging.”
  3. Choose option 2 “Block” (or if for any reason you want to use your regular airtime to surf the internet then you choose option 1 “Allow”

The third option allows you to check the current setting you are on.

That's it, you will have protected your airtime by doing this. This development comes a few days after NetOne launched its Zim411 advertising platform.


How to switch off out of bundle browsing on Econet

For interest's sake, this is how you can do the same on your Econet line.

  1. Dial *143# 
  2. Choose option 5 “Account Services.”
  3. Choose option 3 “Out of Bundle Browsing” option.
  4. Choose option 2 “Do not allow.”

You are done.

Right now we have not been able to verify if you can deactivate out of bundle browsing on Telecel. If you are aware of how this is done kindly share your thoughts in the comments below.  


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