doctors demonstrate
doctors demonstrate

Doctors and nurses demonstrate against the abduction of Zimbabwe Hospitals Doctors Association (ZHDA) President Doctor Peter Mugombeyi and are  gathered outside President Mnangagwa’s Office.


The medical professionals are protesting in the  Harare Central Business District (CBD) over the disappearance of Doctor Peter Mugombeyi who was alledgedly abducted over the weekend (Saturday night).


Doctors told the police that they had no time to notify of the march.


Meanwhile, Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo is at stand still as doctors close administration entrances demanding the release of Dr Mugombeyi.


However, Zimbabwean authorities denied doctors the right to participate and blocked them from serving a petition to demand the return of the missing ZHDA President at government offices.


Doctors and nurses protest

















Click here to see a video of the doctors marching.


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