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diaries of a single black mother

Diary of a Single Mother 4

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It took three days before I could say anything. One day whilst having lunch I decided to spill the beans.

‘babe’ I said.
‘yes?’ he replied.
‘ I missed my period.’

I looked down at my hands. I dared not look up. I was afraid of what I would see.
‘oh’ he stopped eating, ‘are you sure?’
‘yes, I carried out a pregnancy test and it came out positive.’

There was silence. I could hear my heart beating.

‘its okay,’ he said reaching out to me. ‘it’s a bit unexpected but it's still okay.’

I looked up and searched for the truth in his eyes. There was a strange brightness in his eyes.

‘I love you.’ He assured me. ‘we will work it out together.’
I felt like a huge boulder had been lifted off my shoulders.
‘give me time to work out a few things.’ He proceeded to say.
‘and my parents?’ I asked.

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‘ for now, I think we don’t have to tell them until my finances have taken place. Maybe a month. Is that okay?’ he asked.
‘ I guess so, but it is difficult to hide a pregnancy.’

‘ babe. I hear you. It's just that I went into a business deal in which I invested a lot of money, so, for now, am not financially stable.’ James said.
‘ I understand.’

At least that was not bad. I had to wait for the whole month of February. Oh, so it meant he wanted to marry me. I was going to be James’ wife and I was also going to be a mother. Was not what I had bargained for but it was such a huge relief that James had not backed away.

Later that night, I told my sisters of my conversation with James and they were happy for me.

‘I told you it would work out.’ Thalia said smiling.
‘ with men, you can never be too sure.’ I replied.
‘ but not James, he is crazy about you.’ Theo said.
‘now I know. I said laughing.

I later called Jackie and told her how the events had unfolded. She said she was happy for me and wished me all the best. Life could be amazingly beautiful or so I thought…

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