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diaries of a single black mother

Diary of a single mother 5

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Life went on, until I started having morning sickness.

My sisters covered for me and helped in as much as they could to keep the secret. The month flew by and towards the end of February, James went to South Africa.

He said he was going to try to close his deal early. I prayed that it be successful so that he could start making the lobola arrangements. How long was I going to hide this from my parents, let alone my mother? It was just as hard not being able to tell my mother. But I could wait. What else could I do?

The wait was prolonged. The first two weeks of March, James got in touch almost every day. He to called me at night and during the day he would text me. He said that nothing had materialized yet. He was going to stay longer than expected. I didn’t find any problem with that I just wished him luck.

‘I’m not sure what's going on anymore,’ I confided in my sisters.
‘What? What's wrong?’ Thalia asked as we were busy packing our clothes.
‘James hasn’t called and its almost a week now.’ I replied.
‘Maybe business is keeping him on his toes.’ Theo suggested.

‘But he could at least text me once in a while.’ I said.
‘It's only been a week, dear.’ Theo said smiling.
‘He will eventually call. Just try to keep busy and before you know it, he will back.’

I shrugged my shoulders. Maybe it was all just nothing.

Before I knew it, March also flew by. I was getting restless, it was almost two weeks that James had not been in touch. Was he okay? Had he changed his mind about us?

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All day, all night my heard churned with so many thoughts.

‘ I can hardly sleep at night at anymore.’ I told Jackie.
‘Up to now, nothing?’ Jackie asked.
‘No, not even a single text.’ I almost cried.
‘Perhaps he is afraid of telling you that he has to stay much longer.’ She said.
‘But its equally stressing. The silence is just disturbing. And look….’ I said showing her my belly.

There was a slight bump.

‘Soon I wont be able to keep this away from anyone. That’s the problem with being pregnant.’
‘You are going through a lot. Wish I had some backup plan.’
‘ I guess I have to tell my mom soon.’ I sighed.
‘have you talked to his brother?’ I asked.

‘he might be aware of whats going on?’ I shook my head.
‘ that could help. You could go and see him.’ Jackie suggested.
‘sure’ I said brightening up.

The beauty of friendship was that someone could steer you in a direction you had never thought of venturing. It was quite a sensible suggestion that had not even crossed my mind. James had a younger brother he stayed with doing Advanced level at Chinhoyi High School.

I then also remembered that the A level certificate was just about the only qualification I had…

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